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To Dream, to Learn, to Do, and to Become...more
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Keynote Speaking: Effective Leadership
The secrets to Take Command of Your Future
General Barbisch (ret) will help you empower your Dream; Learn your path; Do what it takes; Become the architect of your future in business and in life see more
Military Leadership
Military leadership translates to life experience
Leading a group of business managers, a platoon, or your neighborhood community group, General Barbisch (ret) can help you take command and make a difference. read more
Standing Out
Make your difference count
As the only female Vietnam Veterans in the Army War College class of ‘96, then Colonel Barbisch led the way
Empowering Change

With an operations research focus and years of experience, General (ret) Barbisch can help organizations and individuals evolve and optimize their potential. Do more/Be more!
Networking: A Critical Element

Networking is all about building relationships with other successful people, solving problems, and creating opportunities.
A Vietnam Veteran
My time as an Army Nurse In Vietnam...
..Was one of the most rewarding and character building times of my life.
Life in balance
Make Sure You Take Time For Yourself
Balance is critical in successful careers
A Time to Remember

General (Ret) Barbisch and colleagues lay a wreath at the American Cemetery in the village of Margraten, The Netherlands.


Major General (Retired) Donna Barbisch, DHA, MPH, is a dynamic role model, leader and agent for change. She is dedicated to developing organizational and individual leadership potential and helping you to become the architect of your future.  General Barbisch is an internationally acclaimed speaker and subject matter expert in disaster preparedness and resiliency who moves people to action.

Donna Barbisch started her military career as a Private First Class in the Army Student Nurse Program and rose to the rank of Major General over a military career spanning more than 38 years.  Today Donna Barbisch is is focused on “Take Command of Your Future” to improve your life and to improve our world. Through the process of envisioning the future, we can learn to fix what is broken. A quick tutorial: vision-->creative-->ingenious-->capability-->ability-->skill-->associability--> paths-->solutions. Yes, it’s a game and games can help explore, train and educate, and lead you to solutions. Seriously, let's "play" to improve our world! Let the games begin.

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General Barbisch is an outstanding leader and an inspiring mentor for the Washington Scholars program. Her professional while unassuming approach engages the Scholars on many levels. She has an innate ability to connect with her audience. With her guidance the Scholar develop their individual leadership philosophy to address some of the most challenging issues facing our nation. General Barbisch is a must have in our leadership development program.

Rear Admiral Jim Carey, Founder & Chairman
Future Leaders for America Board of Trustees
The Washington Scholars Fellowship Program

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"Take Command of Your Future”

Be inspired by General Barbisch as she shares her secret to success of how to Dream * Learn* Do * Become the person you want to be.

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Hear firsthand how General Barbisch overcame obstacles and masterfully navigated the system to become one of the first women in the Army Reserve to reach the rank of Two Star General.  Her adventures highlight how she simultaneously became a highly respected civilian leader, educator, and change agent without sacrificing family and friends.  General Barbisch's experiences will motivate you to optimize what you "Do"  and will help you "Become" the vision in your "Dream."  You will be empowered to Dream - Learn - Do - Become and Take Command of Your Future.

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